Thursday, 29 January 2015


I want to have lots of memories of our trip. The kids are small and probably won't remember a great deal so it is important that I take lots of photos and video clips for them to see later on. 

We already have a JVC video camera, it is 7 years old but works well. I had planned on taking it but just realised it isn't compatible with my Macbook. So I may look at upgrading it before we leave. 

Our Sony camera is also 7 years old and is a great camera which takes a good shot so I don't really need to upgrade to take still photography. But it is big to carry so it won't come on hikes and bush walks. 

I am getting Matilda her own camera for her birthday next week. Its a cannon and comes in a hard case and is built extra tough, which means she can take it in her backpack and I don't need to worry she will break it. 

We can take photos and videos on our iPads but they aren't the best quality. So iPads will be used to play games, check Facebook and to look up maps and camp sites. 

I am taking a portable hard drive to store pics and my macbook air will be used to transfer the pics around. It is light and easy to pack and can be used for blog writing, emails, Matilda's school work.

I am thinking about adding to my technology by getting a GoPro as they are small and can be taken anywhere. It can be used under water and takes photos and videos. But the price tag is perhaps an unnecessary pre trip purchase. 

All of these gadgets can be charged on USB points, which Craig has installed several into the back of the camper so they can be plugged in directly to the spare battery we have wired in. Even when we are bush camping we can charge our iPads and cameras ensuring we don't miss any happy snaps :) 

On saying this, I don't want to get caught up in having a camera in my hand all the time. I want to experience and enjoy things first hand not through a camera lense. But I do want to document our journey and as they say, a picture tells a thousand words. 

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