Friday 2 January 2015

In 12 weeks

Yesterday we finished our 6 month spreadsheet of places to go, kilometres to cover, national parks to visit and caravan parks to stay at.  We then realised in order to start making reservations at caravan parks we would have to set a date. An official 'we are leaving on this date' date.

So I can now say our official leaving Perth date is 13 April.

A week later than anticipated, but we are leaving in school holidays so the 13th is the date we could get into the caravan park at our first stop. It also gives us a week from easter, which is when Craig is leaving work, so we can do any last minute bits before we head off.

We have already made bookings at parks in Kalbarri, Coral Bay and Darwin. My plan is to go through and book (and pay deposits for) the majority of the big parks before our leave date. I am giving us an extra 5 days every two months for flexibility, incase we want to duck off the planned track, or incase the car breaks and we need to stop somewhere, or in case one of us gets sick.

When thinking about this trip we came up with the 'do we wing it' (Craig) or 'do we plan it' (Me) . I remember when we went to Europe seven years ago and we adopted Craig's 'wing it' method of sight seeing. He had this romantic idea of getting on any train and getting off at any stop and seeing the sights. All well and good until we got off the train in the middle of London, among banks and accounting firms. There were no sights apart from concrete and buildings.  And nothing was open. And it started to rain. I remember that we sat down at this little cafe and paid a small fortune for a hot chocolate to warm ourselves up and I put my foot down and said no more winging it. Im looking at the map.

So this trip is going to be planned. And Craig is happy with that. Because he knows I am always right.  And it makes me anxious to just leave without knowing I have accommodation sorted and a map to follow.

Next step is starting to pack up the unit, which will happen next Sunday.

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