Monday, 19 January 2015

Fur babies

So Craig tells me yesterday that we have 77 days till we leave for our six month trip around Australia. And I am  very excited about that. but I am also a little sad. Sad about leaving my new little niece, my mum and my sister. 

And sad about leaving my dogs......

I got my first dog for my 21st birthday off my mum. Craig and I had just bought our first house and I had been talking to mum about getting a puppy. She doesn't believe in buying animals as a present, but lucky for me she changed the rules just that once and took me to the pet shop where I picked out my beautiful Golden labrador, Ruby.  

Ruby has been my best friend ever since. The first few years she was an only 'child'. We worked all day long and came home of a night to a bright and bubbly golden whirl wind. She chewed every plant we planted. Ripped Craig's brand new jeans off the line. She even chewed the walls and we had to replaster them. Then, when she was about 5, I had Matilda. I was home all the time and Ruby got lots of walks with the pram. She settled right down and was such a good girl. She has continued to be such a good girl. She is great with the kids and although she is getting old (she is 12 this year) she still enjoys coming for a walk with me. She no longer pulls the lead and she no longer walks ahead. Now she walks along by my feet, nudging the back of my legs when she gets tired. 

While we travel Ruby is going to stay with an older lady who is a friend of a friend.  My heart breaks into two when I think about leaving her. But I know she will be ok and I know it won't be forever. 

A year and a half ago we got a chocolate labrador to add to our family, Her name is Gem and she too is beautiful. She is going to stay with a friend of Craig's. He has five acres and another dog. I know Gem will be happy there for six months. 

I am so grateful that they will be going somewhere safe while we travel. Taking them with us was never an option. Three kids in the camper trailer is plenty! 

I know it is time for a change, but I am still allowed to be sad leaving my two fur babies. 


  1. They are beautiful girls - it must be hard to leave them! I have a chocolate Lab too, he is almost 3 and still a little crazy but starting to calm down. I hope that one day I can walk him on a lead by myself because I still can't take him out without my husband as back up just in case - he's so strong!

    1. Hi! we got a 'Halti' for Gem as she too was so strong on our walks. It has improved her considerably and even my 7 year old can lead her. Without the Halti she is impossible for anyone apart from me to lead. She is too excited! Chocolate Labs are so cute aren't they.
      Thanks for reading!