Tuesday 20 January 2015

Clothes, clothes and more clothes

On the weekend I had a sort of the girls clothes to work out what would fit in suitcases, what I needed to donate and what I needed to buy before we go away. 

I started by putting every item from their wardrobes on the kitchen table. I then curled up in the foetal position and rocked for a bit under said table as I contemplated what the heck I was going to pack and what I was going to do with all the rest.

Once I got over my attack I started being ruthless. I donated a large box of clothes that the kids no longer need. I sorted knickers and socks and t shirts and winter stuff. And I made a list of who was missing what. 

My trial packing for the kids suitcases looked like this.

5 knickers
1 singlet
2 leggings
2 shorts
3 t shirts
2 long sleeve tops
1 nightie
1 winter onsie
1 jumper
2 summer dresses

Then I have vacuumed down spare jumpers, winter pjs, tracksuit pants, raincoats and padded vests into a clothes storage bag. This will go in the back of the car beside the fridge. 

According to my kids they are happy with the selection I have packed. But they told me they must take dress ups. So I am still working out where I am going to pack the ballet dresses, plastic tiaras and the princess Anna Dress. At this stage I am thinking of hanging them from the UHF aerial. Then we can drive really fast and sing 'let it go, let it go'. 

On a serious note, I figure that if I haven't packed enough clothing we can buy stuff along the way if needed. I don't mind hitting a target store every now and again. Even a target country can fulfil my shopping urges. I also plan on hand washing most stuff every day so it can be dried over night and to avoid the costly washing machines in caravan parks. And if all else fails I will let them wear the same clothes every day and we can be a feral family. 

Oh happy times......



  1. Looks like you will have a lot of fun with your daughters on your adventures. Looking forward to following along. Enjoy.

  2. I can tell you now that we have WAY MORE than that and I even cull regularly. You don't want to know the list of what I have {it may be slightly embarassing for a woman who is into her four year living in a camper}