Thursday 24 September 2015


A special and memorable place. This really is the heart of Australia.

Here is the rock and its many colours as the sun goes down...

I was so proud of all three kids when we did the 10.6km walk around the base, viewing paintings from thousands of years ago and seeing the rock in all its glory. Although they are only young I think they felt the significance of this site.

I only took a few photos of the rock from the specially allocated place. It is the wishes of the Indigenous people who own this land that we take only memories with us. There are signs up in most places asking for people to not take pics. And I fully respect this. I also feel that photos just don't do it justice. You must visit yourself for full effect. 

One of my favourite photos from our trip. I snapped this on my iPhone and its blurry but it captures my daughters enthusiasm and enjoyment as she is taking photos of the rock at sunset. 

manditory 'selfie' darn I forgot the self stick!

If I could recommend only one place to visit in Australia I would say you must come here. To see and feel the soul and culture of the people who lived here long before us white people.

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  1. I keep wanting to hit like on photos then remember Im not on facebook. Love Abi with her stick, the thongs on the red dirt and the girls infront of a very red rock.