Wednesday 23 September 2015

Alice Springs

Driving from Coober Pedy to Alice Springs and there is not a great deal to see. We stopped in at Kulgara roadhouse to make lunch. We are quite pros at making lunches roadside by now, and in Kulgara we flicked open the kitchen and heated up some leftover spaghetti bol. 

Craig opening up the kitchen as its lunch time!!

roadhouse in the middle of nowhere!

We left Coober Pedy super early so we could make it to Alice in good time. We arrived mid arvo and checked into the Big 4. It was a warm day so the kids changed to bathers and hit the swimming pools complete with a big water slide. The caravan park is a great place to stay with kids. Playground, bouncy pillow, swimming pools and a free pancake breakfast on sundays!!! 

free pancakes, we enjoyed the company of a single lady from melbourne, a couple from Ireland and our neighbours at this park who were so lovely 

The next day Craig went to the Truckers hall of Fame while the kids and I caught up on some school work and put the kids to work in the kitchen! 

Craig's pic from the truck museum

Meanwhile at the camper its dishes time!

We all headed out for the afternoon to the Womens Hall of Fame and the old jail, then the lookout at ANZAC hill.

dry river bed of the todd river 

just to show you that it aint all that pretty. Alice has an ugly side, which is alcoholism, displacement and littering.

Abigail and her my little pony at the lookout 

Matilda was so excited to see Nancy Bird in the Womens hall of fame. I had to ask her who she was. Matilda had read about her in a book, the first female to fly a plane! geez this kid is smarter than me sometimes!

The displays at the Womens Hall of Fame were informative

This kid takes her notebook and pencil to all the tourist spots and makes notes. Such a little scholar! 

The women jail. Abigail said she was 'scared' of the cells. I said well don't be a naughty girl and you won't have to go to prison! 

Waiting for their ice-cream from Mcdonalds!

During our three nights at Alice Springs we were lucky enough to catch up with a friend we met in Dampier, Baz. Was so good to chat with a likeminded traveller and since he has been doing this a long time he has some great tips and stories of life on the road! We also caught up with the folks from Ozzie Wheelchair adventures. A family like us with three kids, so it was good to talk to them about tackling travelling in a camper with little kiddies! We also ran into the couple who had hosted the campsite in Exmouth cape range national park five months back, Mary Lou and Wally. They were on their way back to the east coast.

Craig bought me a couple of bottles of this. Cute wine and sweet taste but enough of the grey thanks wilbo. 

And Craig happened to see a work ute drive through Alice that looked like his mate. He gave him a call and it was Justin! So we had another unexpected catch up!

Alice Springs has all the mod cons. Woolies, cheap fuel, Macdonalds, etc. It was a good base to do the shopping, fuel up and have an icecream sundae before heading out to Uluru and the last bit of our trip, the great central road.

Thank bejesus for DVD players

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