Sunday, 6 September 2015

Robe, South Australia


how long does it take to check someone in at a caravan park???? If you are in Robe apparently it takes 25 fucking minutes to allocate you a site and take your money.


Craig had to practice his inner zen as the lady behind the counter processed his booking. very... slowly.

meanwhile in the car I had two children busting for the toilets. I leave the car idling out the front of reception and take both kids out, we run to the toilets. But alas, they are locked.

So we run to the other block. But we need a passcode to get in.

So we run back to the office to get the long winded C53748509483 code. Lucky my 7 year old has a photographic memory and remembers it as we run back to the block.

We open the door and run in.

And Charlotte can't hold any long and wets herself on the amenities block floor.

She is in floods of tears as I use hand paper and mop up the wee best I can. I walk her back to the still running car and see Craig is still in reception. Geez....

I strip her off and realise she has wee on her new shoes. Her heart breaks some more. I reassure her I can wash them. I then wrap her in a towel and put her back in the car as all the clothes are in suitcases in the back.

And we wait.

And wait.

Finally Craig emerges from reception and we drive through, entering another ridiculously unnecessary code into the boom gate.

And we head to our allocated site which happens to be 500 kilometres from anything. And there is a man parked on it fixing his car.

So we say fuck you Robe caravan park and we take it upon ourselves to move to a nice little spot right near the toilets playground and campers kitchen. Then I stress as every van pulls in incase we are on their site!!!

That night Craig makes a best friend in the campers kitchen. He is a weirdo and goes on forever about random things. I accidentally tell him Craig is an Auto Electrician! and with an evil gleem in my eye I leave them alone as the weirdo quizzes craig on his opinion on Anderson Plugs. hahahahaha

The next morning we opt for a quick breakfast, But weirdo man is back. saying more weird things.

We pack up and head through town taking in the sights. The beautiful old buildings, the beaches, and the Obelisk. A big triangle thingo that sits high on a cliff. It was used way back in the day when ships got stranded on the rocks. From it, rockets shoot out to stranded boats that carry a rope. The rope is then used to pass a basket along which is full of food and supplies. Clever.

Robe was a cute little town that is easy to see it would be hugely popular in the summer months for people travelling from Adelaide.

The Obelisk

The beach 

Old church in Robe. 

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