Sunday, 6 September 2015

Bells Beach The Great Ocean Road

The famous Bells Beach just out of Torquay, Victoria 

Great Ocean Road 

The start of the road, at Anglesea

The rugged cliffs between Anglesea and Apollo Bay 

Abigail was very pissed off at the Twelve Apostles as she wanted a giant cookie from the kiosk and we said that horrid two lettered word starting with N and ending in O.

I tired to take a pic of the sign and Abi put herself in front of it so I couldn't. My punishment for not buying the cookie. 
Craig copying the asian tourists. 

Matilda and Charlotte. Notice Abigails absence from the pic as she was still angry about the bloody cookie and wouldn't get in any pics.

Pretty amazing sight to see with your own eyes

The Loch Ard Gorge, this is where the only two survivors of the shipwrecked 'Loch Ard' swam through to the shore in 1878.

Cave at Loch Ard Gorge 

the girl who swam through here in the shipwreck had never swam before. She was dressed in long skirts, Ive no idea how she made it. Her mum and sister both drowned and their bodies washed up several days later. so sad. 

The grotto

London Bridge. Did you know in 1990 the  first arch of the bridge fell in (see the gap between the land and the island. two people were stranded on the newly formed island and had to be rescued by chopper. No one was killed but geez how scary.

The bay of Islands

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