Sunday, 6 September 2015


When we were in the planning stages of our trip I followed a travel blog called 'Mummy Smiles'. I remember one of her posts about a little town just out of Adelaide called 'Hahndorf'. So when I saw the exit off the Freeway I said hey lets go take a look.

And I LOVED this place!!! It is a small German Town founded in 1839. It was predominately a farming town but is now better known as being a busy little tourist spot. The town is full of old buildings and shops that sell quaint german artifacts, foods and supplies. Having been to the 'real' Germany I can honestly say this place is so authentic it took us right back to our bus tour around Europe!

We visited the town on a beautiful sunny day and enjoyed the warm air as we wandered down the streets. I reckon Hahndorf is a must see if you are in the Adelaide region. Great for the whole family.

one of the many old style buildings in Hahndorf

We stopped into the German Bakery for afternoon tea. This is what Craig got! the most huge cake with jam and cream! 

exploring the town

I took this sign literally!!!!

I bought up big on jams, sauces and some pickled onions. All off the reduced rack of course

Matilda got herself a Babooska doll. Or is it babooshka. Any way you spell it, they are pretty cute and these ones are made and handprinted in germany! no made in china for a change.

We grabbed some fudge for later!

And finished the afternoon with a beer and Apple Cider at the German Pub

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