Monday, 3 August 2015

The lookout

STOP THE CAR I yelled to Craig as I heard the dryreach followed by a massive vomit coming from the backseat..... 

We had decided to take a detour, on our way to Byron Bay, up through the Gold Coast Hinterlands to a pretty amazing lookout. But we had no idea how windy and steep the roads would be. We were towing the camper and on a one way 'track' that had a massive drop off on one side and side of the hill on the other side. Give me Cape York dirt roads any day over this winding mess of a road!

part of the road on the way to the lookout 

The view from the top, looking over surfers paradise and right out to the ocean. Pity the 'good' camera was flat so I took this on my iPhone

Myself, Matilda and Charlotte felt terribly sick. But it was Abigail, the one who hadn't so much as complained once, who power chucked her morning tea all through the pathfinder. 

So here we are on the side of the winding mountain road with spu everywhere. Lucky for me I am super organised and have a plastic bag, towel and wipes under the drivers seat incase of such situations. It was a quick clean up there and then, then headed the hour back down the mountain, down the freeway and to Byron Bay. Complete with peppa pig, blankie (Abigails pink blanket she carts everywhere with her) and a set of spu clothes all tied in a plastic bag on the front toolbox of the camper. 

YAY! washing time for me. 

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