Thursday, 13 August 2015

Parkes and BOGAN GATE!!!

This was the first thing we saw in the carpark at the Dish. Craig said 'get a photo for your blog' he was being a smart arse I think but anyways, here is a pic of this brocky series that Craig was excited to see.
Anyways..... back to the dish

The dish!!

I was in two minds if we should drive to Parkes on our way to Bathurst as it was about 200km out of our way. I was keen to see the large CSIRO radio telescope, but I thought the kids (and Craig) might be bored. 

We decided since we had the time we may as well go have a look see. I had been there when I was 12 and I remembered it to be enormous. But then.. my 12 year old memory also thought the big banana was huge!

When we got to the telescope (aka THE DISH) the kids were actually pretty impressed! 

Matilda enjoyed reading these little 'facts' all round the walls

The kids enjoyed the puzzle table in the discovery room 

I fucking love this mirror. Its a thin mirror!

I was texting with a friend who has done this trip before and she said we should go see Bogan Gate, just out of Parkes. So after we had seen the dish we headed off to check out this illusive town!

main street of bogans ville!!!

We had a bit of a laugh, took some photos, then... um... left.

Next stop is nearly as good as Bogans gate.

Bathurst here we come!!!

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