Thursday, 13 August 2015

Dubbo Zoo

This is unlike any other zoo I have been to. The zoo is set on 300 hectares of land and can be accessed via a 6km loop track by walking, riding a bike or driving your car. 

There are no cages at this zoo, rather, the animals live in what looks to be a 'natural' habitat. This type of zoo encourages breeding habitats and was opened in 1977 by Sydney zoo to provide more space for larger animals like elephants and giraffes. 

We arrived around 10am, and decided to hire bikes to ride the loop. You could also hire a golf buggy but if you want one of those you need to get in early as they were all hired out by the time we got there. 

With backpacks full of food and drinks we peddled our way around the loop, stopping to look at the animals along the way. Although we packed our own food, there was a couple of cafes on site that provided reasonable priced meals. There was also vending machines along the way selling drinks and chips and chocolate bars. 

There is a large playground and picnic area at the start of the loop. You could access this area (and see some monkeys) without having to pay to go into the actual zoo. 

We spent a good 4 hours exploring. Some of the animals like the hippo's and elephants have feeding times and informative talks from the keepers. There are spots to park the bikes along the way but you can actually ride them up the edge of the enclosures to view the animals if you wish. 

We returned our bikes mid afternoon to the hire shop and did a quick drive of the zoo before we left.

This place was fantastic. And is listed as Australia's #1 place to visit. 
 A must do for anyone visiting the area! 

bike hire (2 adult bikes with tag alongs attached plus 1 childrens bike) $65
Entry to the zoo (family ticket) $131
Cup of tea and coffee $11

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