Friday, 14 August 2015


Our first view of the city as the Manly Ferry made its way to Circular Quay
Fort Denison AKA Pinch Gut. A place where in the late 1700's when the first fleet arrived, the convicts were put and only given small amounts of bread and water, hence the name pinch gut as they had a pinching stomach from hunger.

The Opera House from the water

the sydney harbour bridge from the water

And here we are, in SYDNEY!!!! this time three months ago we were on the opposite side of the country (and were a bit warmer) 

The bridge and a Manly ferry below

apparently this is an 'action' shot. Not sure what he was thinking but anyways....
View of the city from the Opera house 

Opera house steps 

so much glass!

looking to the other side of the Opera house
very windy in sydney that day and I had to donate my hair tie to charlotte as she had left hers out that day

The whole roof is tiled 

family walking down the stairs

Charlotte looking through one of the bridges underneath the harbour bridge

Walking up the steps to get on the harbour bridge, some beautiful windows
and here we are, up on the bridge! we walked from one side to the other then caught the train back. 

I held the little kids hands so tight! and made Matilda walk in the middle of the path!
the Opera house from the bridge

Some of the old buildings in the Rocks district

oh the stories this joint could tell! 

Almost felt like we were back in London

from sydney we took a 40 minute bus ride to the famous Bondi 

Ahhh Bondi Beach 

Matilda informs me that Bondi is the site of the first surf life saving club, established in 1907. Apparently she read it in a travel book. And yep, she was right. Can't tell me theses kids aren't learning while we are travelling!
Abigail tells me this sign says 'warning Crocodiles will eat you'. Can you tell we have been in far north Queensland for two months!

ok so this hipster dude was too cool for school on his retro bike with his man scarf. He ordered a freshly squeezed juice from the health bar. He was damn fine hence my sneaky pic. Pity I didn't get his face. All in the name of finding a husband for my friend Stevie. Nothing to do with me. 

Fish and chips on Bondi Beach

We left the caravan park at 9am and didn't get back till after 6pm. It had been a long day of sight seeing. Was so proud of the kids they did a great job. We all had lots of fun exploring Sydney. Their public transport is great but VERY expensive. Our total travel costs were $61. This was doing it the cheap way and buying an 'Opal' card. Our other option was to drive and park the car. But parking was $30 for four hours so in the end we would have spent more on parking. 

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