Saturday, 21 February 2015

Practice pack

Yesterday Craig did a practice on the roof rack to check how we were going for room. 

He has attached a fishing rod contraption to the side to carry his gear. Which is ok but it makes a bit of a flapping noise once we go faster than 80 km. Apparently he can fix that. Lucky cause it shits me already and I've only had it on for a day!

The blue plastic box is filled with kids toys. A bag of my little ponies, a bag of beanie kid teddies and a bag of barbies. We then have some sand toys and a few games. There is still heaps of room in this tub to add more stuff later. 

This weekend feels like everything is coming together, slowly. 
Craig has told his boss about our plans and luckily for us he is just taking six months unpaid leave. This means he has job security which is great, but also means we definitely will be coming home after the six months, restricting us to extend our holiday if we wanted to. 

Only six weeks to go. That is six more weekends to pack, finish the stuff to the car, clean out the unit and catch up with friends for a last minute drink before we go. 

Toot Toot. The countdown is on. 

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