Friday 6 February 2015

Racking it up!

Before we go away we decided to get a roof rack fitted. We normally store our chairs, tables, washing line and our shade tent on top of the camper. This makes it a lengthy process of unpacking everything before we can set up camp. It doesn't matter for our longer, 2 week holidays but if we are to set up for a one night camp it will become annoying having to move things around just to set up our 'house'. So a roof rack is an easy solution for more storage. 

Craig did some reading on which was the best and came up with this one. 

A Tracklander. It was about $1,600 fitted and I was without a car for half a day while they fitted it. 

But I think it was worth the investment. 

I do feel very tall now and I opted to not park in the under cover level at the shopping centre as I wasn't sure if my new height would clear the roof! 

We also purchased a big plastic water proof box to go on the roof rack. This will store kid stuff as we seem to have a lot of toys to take! We originally wanted a tall box which would have stored a lot more. But after a conversation with a friend who has one and mentioned a wind drag we opted for a very low but long box instead. I wanted a grey one but Craig got a blue one. It doesn't match and it annoys me but I will get over it eventually. 

We were also looking at getting one of those shades that go on the side of the car but have since changed our minds. It is one of those things where we could spend our entire savings fitting the car and camper out before we have even left! So we need to stick with the basics to ensure we stay on budget for our big holiday.

Only 64 days till we leave. 

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