Friday, 3 April 2015

The final count down

As I sit here and write this I am officially homeless. We have set up the camper at my parent’s house and we are living here until we leave Perth. The two little kids are swimming in the pool as I type this and Matilda and Craig have gone to the Good Friday burnout competition. 

The last couple of weeks have been busy times for us all. 

We have packed up our belongings into two sea containers. We have organized everything we are taking with us on our trip.  We have cleaned and sorted and handed over keys to a tenant who will be renting our place. The kids finished term 1 of school yesterday; they will not be back in formal schooling for 6 months. I heartbreakingly left my dog with our ‘dog sitters’ last week. We have caught up with our close friends and said ‘see ya’ for six months. It has been full on and stressful and I have had a headache every day since Tuesday.

Craig will be working next week so I will be busy doing all the last minute things. Car service, wash the bed linen in the camper, do a grocery shop to stock up on food, get the kids hair cut. 

I am feeling like we are never going to leave. These last two weeks, although busy, have dragged on and on. Part of me is thinking this is our last chance to back out. To go buy a house quickly, get all my stuff out of storage and to morph back into my ‘normal’ as quick as I can. I have had a few ‘moments’ where I have wondered WTF we are doing and wished I could rewind to last September and take it all back. But as Lara Bingle once said ‘if you never never go you will never never know’….

And the reality is that I am in too deep. Already packed and ready to hook up and get the fuck outta here. 

I must confess I’m a little nervous; I guess its just fear of the unknown. I’m a little excited, about where we will go and what we will see. I’m a little stressed about our budgeting and our carefreeness of Craig leaving a job, especially the way mining is going at the moment.  I’m a little sad; I know that I am going to miss my mum and my sister and my niece very much. 

So next time I post a blog I will be at our first stop. We will have taken the plunge, and actually left. I am hoping that the hard parts of planning and preparing for the six month trip are all behind us and we can actually enjoy the ride

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