Saturday 21 March 2015

Decisions Decisions

This weekend we are packing up our house getting ready to move into the camper at my Mum's next week.

When you are packing up your life to go 'camping' for six months there are so many decisions to be made! 

FIVE bottles of perfume and THIRTEEN bottles of nail polish. What do you do with them? I can't pack them in a sea container because if they spill it will be a problem. But I don't want to simply bin them.  So many body lotions and hair products. Oh well, off they go to my sister. 

Tupperware! I have three packing boxes of tupperware and I keep thinking 'oh maybe I should take that, and that, and that. But the truth is we just don't have the room for a dip platter and a container to store our lettuce in. So I have got it down to a few square fridge mate containers. 

Craig wants to take the coffee machine and the Nutra bullet. So into the kitchen tub they go. Leaving little room for anything else! Yesterday when packing up the draw I held up the garlic press and said 'take or leave'. He looked at me like 'oh we need that' then we both realised we are getting carried away! 

I have three garbage bags of towels and sheets and blankets that are in the sea container and I still have too much stuff here to go in the towel tub under the camper. I face the decision of taking our soft 'good' towels. Or keeping the crap 'camping' towels in the tub. Considering we are going for six months I am taking my good towels! Im going to splurge and buy new ones when I get home if need be.

Oh god, so many clothes so little room. 


Even bigger FUCK. There have been tears as I said they can only take two teddies each. Even then we are still having SIX teddy bears accompanying us on our road trip. Matilda cannot choose and is loosing sleep at night. So we have decided to let Nana babysit her teddies that she couldn't bear to put in a box. Phew.  Matilda has also been upset about packing away her books, her bead making kit, her loom band kit and a picture she drew three years ago! I have found that she is quite the little hoarder and is very attached the 'things'. More so than the other two kids. 

So basically thats us. Packing and deciding and discussing. And taking things out of boxes and putting things back in.  

I am proud to admit I have only cried twice in this process. Once when Craig expected me to have man strength and hold the whole weight of our 1950s drink fridge. And once when my good outdoor table got a chunk taken off it when we put a bedside table on it and slipped. 

Anyways all good. And as Craig pointed out all of this is 'self inflicted'. !!!! 

Only 7 days till we move into the camper trailer and only 21 days till we hit the road. 

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