Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Leaving home!!!!

We have planned and prepared for this trip for the last 9 months now. We have sold our family home, lived in our small rental property, given my dog to someone else to care for, sold and given away stuff, lugged my furniture all over the countryside to store it, saved every cent we could, and more. Just so we could make this happen. Knowing now just how hard it is to make it a reality I can see why most people have the dream but don't actually manage to achieve it. Because seriously if I had known at the start how hard the 'before' stage was I would have had second thoughts. I have stepped so far out of my comfort zone. So far from my normal. 

We had been staying at my parents place for two weeks before we left. So it was my Mum's house that was our leaving point.

We left my Mum’s house on Monday morning. It was a stressful day for a few reasons. I guess I knew it was going to be a hard day. 

We had to have the car to Nissan by 7.30am for the driver seat to be fixed. So we took it there and dropped it off and then an hour later got a call that it was all ready, but in actual fact they hadn’t fixed it because they hadn’t ordered the right parts. So annoying, but its non urgent so it will be fixed in six months when we return home.

After the car it was time to start packing up the camper. This is the part that really sucked. Craig got angry and shit started to get shoved in and there was some yelling (Craig) and some emotional eating of an easter egg (me).

It took us wwwaaaaaaaaaayy (notice the extension of the word) longer than anticipated. Hope it gets better! We were very lucky as my mum watched the kids for the whole morning and into the afternoon as we packed. She made us ham and salad rolls for lunch and remained calm for us both when we were stressing out. Thanks Mum.
So once we were all packed and hooked on, it was hard saying goodbye to my mum and my sister, especially hard to say goodbye to my little niece who is only five months old and is just too cute. I was doing ok till I cuddled her before I got in the car. Then I silently cried behind my sunglasses for about twenty minutes down the road as we left the known and entered into the big wide world of travelling....

All packed up, ready to leave my Mum's house

As we passed each street and suburb that was familiar to us I kept thinking, wow we are really doing this. We are really going for 6 months. We are doing what we said we were going to do.  I thought I would be happy that we were leaving, but I wasn't happy. I wasn't sad. I was in a weird kind of disbelief. Craig said he felt like we were just doing a weeks holiday.  He too couldn't believe were were doing such a big trip.

The kids were quiet and a little teary as they were so heartbroken leaving nana. Which led for a silent start to our car ride.

Our first stop was supposed to be Kalbarri, but due to our late departure we decided to overnight camp at lake Indoon, about three hours north of Perth. We were the only ones there and it had an eerie feel to it. The clouds were low and it was near on dark as we pulled in. We set up a simple camp and cooked some dinner on the BBQ there. The facilities were basic, but pretty good for free. There were flushing toilets, cold showers and a water tank for drinking water. Plus rubbish bins and BBQs. And a bonus, everything was clean (ish)!!

Lake Indoon, overnight camp
Three little girls on their first night away
The next morning we packed up and head for Kalbarri, stopping on the way in Dongara and Port Gregory. I was the driver for the day as Craig started out with a headache which then became a migraine.

Pulled up in Kalbarri and he turned into a bit of a mess. Possibly the worse I have seen him. Swearing and angry at the camper, short tempered with us, looked like he was going to pass out, and sweating profusely, dispite it not really being that hot. We set up camp and had some dinner and the kids had a play on the playground. We then all went to bed for an early night. Around midnight Craig woke me to say he was having his heart problems again. He has an irregular heart beat on occasion and unfortunately I think the stress of leaving, the lack of water and the migrane all led to an episode.  Poor Craig.

Anyways onwards and upwards. Today is another day and he seems ok. Although I am slightly nervous if it happens again, and its somewhere with no medical facilities.

I went for a walk this morning and I have done two loads of washing. The kids are back on the playground and Craig is having a rest so fingers crossed all will be well.

Looking out over the ocean

Now to sit back and enjoy the next 5 days here before we head further north.

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