Sunday, 19 April 2015


 Our first stop on our six month journey was five nights in Kalbarri. It’s a lovely little town, about 6 hours drive north from Perth and is situated where the Murchison River meets the ocean.  We visit every year or so and it is one of our favourite holiday spots. I booked us these few nights at the start of our trip so we could sit back and unwind and get ourselves used to camping life in a familiar environment.

We stayed at the Murchison River Caravan Park. Our visit was during a busy period (school holidays), however, the park and facilities were clean. One of the benefits about this park is the unisex toilets/showers meaning Craig can take the girls if needed. They are a block of little rooms consisting of toilet, basin and shower, rather than the traditional mens/womens toilet blocks. Another benefit of the Murchison park is that they have a natural 'aqua fed' which services the park, meaning the water that came from the taps was crystal clear and perfect for drinking. This saved us a lot on buying bottled water.

Everything in town is in a close proximity, you could holiday here and not have to even start the car! There are two supermarkets however they were VERY expensive so it is advisable to stock up on food and supplies in Perth. For example, broccoli was $12.99 a kilo. On saying that on our last day, and the first day of non school holiday period, some of the prices dropped at least 50% so I guess food prices will depend on peak seasons.

There are some lovely beaches a short drive out of town. Our family visited Red Bluff which was a little ‘choppy’ for the kids to swim in but is a popular beach for surfing and playing on the sand. In the town itself there are plenty of spots by the river to paddle and play with the sandpit toys.  

This year was the first since we have had the kids that we went to the National Park. There are several short and long bush walks to do along the gorges and the sights are spectacular.

We certainly left Kalbarri in holiday mode, although it was a hard concept to realize I wasn’t going ‘home’ this time!

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