Friday 24 July 2015

Fraser Island

Photos from our day on Fraser Island. 

We went from Hervey Bay on the 'King Fisher Bay' ferry. Cost was $165 return to take the car plus two adults and three kids. Travel time was 45 minutes each way. A national parks pass of $45 was also needed to enter the island.  I was glad we headed over there with a full tank of fuel as we ended up doing over 100km on the island all up, and fuel was $1.99 a litre for diesel! The island has two small resort areas where you can buy food. We had lunch at the bakery on the east side of the island at Eurong. But we took all our own snacks and drinks to cut down costs as everything comes with an inflated price tag compared to the mainland.   We purchased a HEMA map which was useless as most of the tracks are not sign posted anyway. Having said that our GPS didn't work on the island and it would have been easy to get lost, so I guess the map would have helped if we really needed it. 

We would have liked to camp over there but it was double the price to take the camper. There was also heaps of warning signs everywhere about dingoes.  I spoke with a lady who camped on the island and she said that if you are camping with children you are only permitted to camp in the fenced areas due to the high risk of dingo attacks on infants and young kids. 

For those reasons I was glad to head over to the island to explore for the day then return to the comfort of the Hervey bay caravan park that night!

The pathfinder on the barge across to Fraser Island (complete with our bbq stand, kids scooters, fishing rods and shade tent on the roof rack!) 

Charlotte and Abi at our morning tea stop

The only places you are allowed to eat are in these fenced areas. Otherwise you may be attacked by a dingo. 

The crystal clear waters of the inland freshwater lake called lake Mckenzie

So clear!

Abigail playing in the sand

The rainforest/bush on the island

The canopy of foliage made the island a darkish place to drive across

The 4WD tracks that take you from one side of the island to the other 

Then we hit the beach and saw this!

The Maheno shipwreck. 

speed limit on this beach was 80km per hour! and we actually saw police on the beach checking peoples speed!

Craig can now tick 'driving on Fraser Island' off his bucket list

Phew, lucky he turned and came back to get me :) 

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