Friday, 10 July 2015

Airlie Beach

OK so this is going to sound stupid, but by the time we arrived at Airlie Beach we decided we needed a 'holiday' from our holiday!!! 

We were only going to stay a night or so but we all needed to just stop and do nothing for a while. So we decided to stay four nights. No tourist stuff. No big days. Just staying at the caravan park and relaxing. And this was the perfect spot to do it! 

a very 'touristy' Airlie beach 

the marina

I walked 8 to 10 km every morning in Airlie 

Abigail with her hair everywhere! or holiday hair as we like to call it 

the swimming area on the water at Airlie Beach 

A view over the main street of Airlie beach 

Abigail playing in the sand 

Cheap lunches at this place!

Poor Abi face planted the cement and we ended up at the medical centre. she is ok but needed some panadaol and rest time 

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