Monday, 18 May 2015

Gibb River Road

Stats (May 2015) 

vehicle:                      2012 Nissan Pathfinder diesel. Towing  a PMX camper 1.3 tonnes

Kilometres:                720km from Derby to Kunnanurra

Time:                          9 days

camping costs:           Cheapest (national parks) $26.20 for two adults and one child (kids 5 and under free).
                                    Most expensive (Home Valley station stay) $45 for an unpowered site and $70 for a powered site.

Average Speed:         70km an hour (towing a camper trailer) up to 100km in best parts and 40km on worst parts

Best road:                   Just east of Mt Barnett Roadhouse

Worst Road:               Kalambaru road (we only went as far as Drysdale)

Fuel consumption:    ranged from 14- 14.5 litres per 100km

Fuel Prices per litre:  (diesel)$1.99 and (unleaded) $2.40 at Mt Barnett Road House,
(diesel) $2.20 and (unleaded) $2.45 at Drysdale Station

Food Prices:               $6.60 for a loaf of frozen bread (Mt Barnett)
                                    $5 for a magnum icecream (Mt Barnett)
                                    $9 for a dozen cage eggs (Mt Barnett)
                                    $3 for a chocolate bar (Drysdale Station)
                                    $9 for a beer and $4 for a can of coke (Drysdale station)
                                    $4.50 per scone (Ellenbrae station)
                                    $23 per serve for fish and chips (Home Valley)

Tyre pressure:           38 psi between Derby and Kalambaru road
28 psi from Kalambaru rd to Elquestro.

Temperature:            averaged around 35 degrees during the day but got cold in the early morning just before the sun came up.

Damages:                   1 broken tap under camper causing us to lose all of our water. Fixed with silicone plug!
                                    2  broken camper tie downs
                                    mild rock damage on front of camper
                                    stuffed battery in the camper

our fav spot:              Ellenbrae ringers camp

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