Thursday, 28 May 2015

Darwin Town

My heading says Darwin Town because although it is the capital city of Northern Territory if feels much more like a big town.

We pulled in and set up the camper at 2pm, the hottest part of the day. Humid and hot. Although the locals tell us it has ‘cooled down’! Our caravan park of choice was the Free Spirit Resort, which was $66 per night for a powered site. Amenities were dated, pool area was a little bit dirty and the camp area they put us in was full of back packers.  On saying that we didn’t spend much time at the park as there is a fair bit to see and do around Darwin.

Here is what we got up to.

Darwin Waterfront
A new area, similar to Hillarys Boat Harbour (for all you Perth peeps). This man made inlet area is the ONLY beach in Darwin that is safe to swim as the rest of the bays are full of crocodiles and sharks. It was free to go there and swim and lay on the grass. There was an icecream shop that looked delicious but we were being healthy that day and ate nuts and fruit instead.

Darwin water front

Mindil Markets
This place was fantastic. My mum had said ‘you must go to the markets in Darwin’ and they certainly didn’t disappoint.  They run in the dry season on Thursday and Sunday nights. There is free entertainment, loads of cheap Asian cuisine and stalls selling stuff like cane toad purses and soaps and clothes and all sorts really. Craig and the kids watched the ‘fire circus’ act while I had a good look around at the stalls.

Fire Circus, Midill Markets

We enjoyed viewing the Northern Territory Newspaper wall which was an exhibit showing all the front pages from the newspapers in recent years. There was also the cyclone Tracey exhibit, which was full of information and firsthand recounts of the infamous cyclone that hit Darwin on 25 December 1975.

Photo of a photo, people being evacuated from Darwin 26 December 1975

Crocodylus Park
On the outskirts of town is this Crocodile park, which includes baby crocs, middle size crocs and REALLY big bastard crocs. We took an informative cruise and saw crocodiles living on the edge of the river and also saw them in captivity in the small breeding pens. Their leather is used to make handbags and wallets, and their meat is sold by the kilogram.

Big fella Salt Water Crocodile

Free water slides
This place was great. And free! Unfortunately Abigail was too small to go on the waterslides and she had a bit of a tantrum at the bottom of the slides when the lifeguard told her L there was a small pool to paddle in and she had a go in that. There were three big waterslides that Matilda and Charlotte ran up and slid down all afternoon.

Free Water parks 

I would have liked to visit the war museum but that didn’t work out. So that is on the next time list. I also think next time I will do as many of the Victorians did, and that is to park up the camper and stay in a chalet with air conditioning!

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