Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Where do I start! This has been our favourite place far. There is lots to see and do around town, here is an outline of some of the things we did:

This is what Broome is famous for, the beautiful stretch of coast with clear blue water and golden sand. We had a walk in the sand but we didn’t swim. You can swim during April-October but run the risk of seasnakes, sharks, stingray and even crocodiles. There is a section of beach that is patrolled by life savers so if we were to swim we would have gone there.

Cool kid Matilda by Cable Beach

We really enjoyed the camel ride along cable beach. There are several times of the day that the camels walk, we chose the 3pm ride because it was only half an hour and was $30 per seat opposed to the sunset and pre sunset tours which were $85 per seat and went for an hour, which would have been too long for the kids. It was actually a little ‘scary’ when the camels stood up and sat down, but the middle bit saw us plodding along at a very slow pace, listening to the guide tell us about the camels and looking out at the water.

Family pic with a camel

We came across this place by accident, but it was quite a gem, and only $6 an adult to get in (kids were free). The museum isn’t fancy but it is packed with history about Broome, including info about the Pearl Luggers, the air raids from the second world war and plenty more. There are several displays, such as seashell collections and old motors from plane wrecks. We spent a good hour here and the kids actually were really interested to look at the pictures and Matilda read out the info.

Old plane engine from a WW2 plane shot down near Broome

Craig loves a mango beer or ten. So we couldn’t go past having lunch at the Matsos Brewery. It’s a laid back place with wide verandahs to sit and soak up the atmosphere. I had the pulled pork roll with a coleslaw, chips and salad. The meal prices were reasonable, what you would expect to pay in a pub in Perth. The kids meals were $12 each and my main was $22.

Cold one at matzos

This was our second ‘wow’ moment on the trip. It was amazing to see the moon rise over the tidal flats and create a staircase shadow on the low tide. A once in a life time thing and so glad we were here when it was on as the phenomenon only occurs three nights a month for six months of the year.

Photo taken on our good camera on a night setting 

This was a great little find down in China Town, a place that made the most delicious homemade ice cream. I had a strawberry and chocolate scoop and it was to die for! I keep thinking we should go back and have another before we leave town! But the budget wouldn’t like that!

Abi enjoying her ice-cream cone

We pack up and leave here tomorrow to head up the Cape Leveque. So today will be spent doing washing, heading to Coles and hopefully we will get a relax in by the pool!

Kids at the swimming pool, where we have spent our afternoons this week 

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