Tuesday, 2 September 2014

hard words

Someone I know is not well. 

I cannot go into detail on here but its made travelling plans seem trivial and got me questioning if I really want to leave my extended family for a length of six months.  Our house settles next week in Perth and we even questioned if we could pull out of the sale and move back to Perth. But legally its all binding and Ive no choice but to sell.

So we are in a situation at the moment where we will end up:

a) sticking with our original plan of leaving Kalgoorlie next March and doing our six month trip

b) Move back to Perth from now till March and rent a house

c) move back to Perth and buy another house and put the travel plans on the wayside

At this stage its a bit hard to 'make plans'. Sometimes in life we just have to roll with it and see the outcome.

I just feel sick about the whole thing. So sick.

For now all I can do is.....

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