Sunday, 17 August 2014

FIVE places on our must do list!

 There are lots of places we would like to see on our road trip but here are a list of our top five.

1. GIBB RIVER ROAD, Western Australia

Now, when I say 'we' sometimes I mean 'Craig'. This is one of those.. this is his hot spot. Im happy to tag along though. 

A former Cattle track, this dirt road goes 660 kilometres from Derby across to Kununurra taking you through some amazing outback territory. We plan 6 or so days to cross and will be stopping to see a few water falls and walking tracks along the way. 

2. MATARANKA HOT SPRINGS, Northern Territory

This is one on my list. I've read about this place for years. It was a spot my parents took me when I was five and I look forward to visiting again, this time hopefully I remember it!
The springs are located about 400 kilometres south of Darwin. The water is a consistent 34 degrees and is known for its healing and calming properties. There are a few different springs to visit in this area so I will need to research more on which ones are most kid friendly etc.

3. KURANDA, Far North Queensland

A  town I visited with my family when I was 12. A day trip from Cairns, Kuranda is surrounded by beautiful world heritage rain forrest. From memory, it was a little, laid back village tucked away at the top of a rain forrest mountain. We plan to take the kids on the train and the sky rail and look through the markets. I reckon I will buy my mum a tea towel from here! 

4 JERVIS BAY, New South Wales

I recall a man once telling me that Jervis Bay has the whitest sand in the southern hemisphere. Not sure if its true or not but it is pretty white! But I don't want to go to this spot for the sand. I want to take the kids to see the whales migrating. We will probably see the wales heading south, during August to October. There is something very special about whales. They are not scary like sharks, not boring like fish, not cheeky like dolphins. They are just, majestic. I want the girls to see them in their natural habitat, I fear that in my kids lifetime these beautiful creatures may become extinct.

5. ULURU, Northern Territory

Ok this is an obvious one. I have actually already been here twice. Once when I was 5, and once when I was 12. I don't believe in climbing the rock. Nor do I believe in going there just to grab a few sunset shots (although I most likely will!) I want to go there to learn more about Indigenous culture. I want to show the kids, and let them see and hear some of the dream time stories and paintings and history this rock holds. I want them to see the pure form of indigenous culture. Not the jaded one they are exposed to where we live now, where Aboriginal people walk the streets with a brown paper bag and ask for a dollar. 

So there we have 5 of about 1,000 places we want to go. 

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